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From Renaissance Improvisation to Pandolfos

Paolo Pandolfo, viola da gamba | Andrea Pandolfo, modern trumpet

Laura Polimeno, voice | Thomas Boysen, Luthe, Guitarre Theorbo | Alvaro Garrido, Percussion

 Music by Mr de St. Colombe, Marin Marais, Paolo Pandolfo, Andrea Pandolfo, Fabrizio De André

Past and Present are only illusory perception. The timeless nature of human nature is proved by the continuity of his need of producing art. In Art past and present mix within the process of creativity. So, in music, the so called «  early music  » represents a powerful impulse to present’s music. Today’s music can give us unexpected keys to understand music of the past. Thanks to the peculiar flexibility of an instrument like the viola da gamba we may be accompanied in a journey through Time, which makes us feel that Time does not exist. How striking modern is renaissance improvisation…as well as the mourning of death in Marin Marais notes… How cruelly ancient is the story of human migrations told in Andrea Pandolfo’s «  Albanese  ». How surprisingly modern can the duo of viol and lute sound to our ears… How deeply rooted in the past can the weepings of a muted trumpet sound once mixed with those of a viol… The Travel Notes Project is a Musical Time Machine… The first part of the concert is rigorously «  early music  », performed by the viol and the lute/theorbo, from the improvisation on renaissance patterns to St.Colombe’s and Marin Marais’ music. In the second part the viol-lute duo is enriched by the jazzy sound of the muted trumpet of Andrea Pandolfo and by Laura Polimeno’s voice, for music and improvisations by the Pandolfos, which combine classic, early, jazz, and folk influences.

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